Jatre - Bus Donation

Art of asking in Jatre on Bus donation. 
We have a bus for our library, we need money for the bus. So what do we ask for? We explored the power of persuasion.
Add Pathos (emotions).
Add Logos (logic)
Add Ethos (credibility)

Just a small amount (Logos)
When you visit, you can also visit (Ethos)
This bus is good, had good space (Logos)
We tried hard to get this bus (Pathos)
Add value in our learning space (Logos)
We are excited for the bus ( Pathos)
Donate and have fun reading ( Logos)
Recycling, upcycling, (Logos)

Each one made one poster to contribute in their own way. We all explored​ making donation poster using the power of persuasion.