Intro session on 31/07/2015 @ PUP Telugu school:

The session started with a formal Good morning…..Then I asked the kids to say Good morning in different ways without opening their mouth.. So they did Namaskar, salute and few other actions also…. And then we said Good morning using our ears and hands.. Kids were very involved and enjoyed doing it…..

Then we introduced ourselves one by one telling our names along with 2 things about us and something that we wish to do.. Had varied responses.…. some shared they like fruits, lemon rice, idly…, few wished to become doctors, engineers, collectors, teachers, one wanted their parents to not fight, few wanted to study well….

We then played a freeze game with music. Kids enjoyed dancing without getting up from their place and freezing in different poses….

Then kids were made to imagine themselves as kings and queens and were asked to sit like kings and queens….They were excited… boys were very clear that they wanted to be only kings. Then I asked whether they like to take up a challenge… they were all with thumbs up. They had to make a crown using a chart strip without using glue/thread/pins… and in a specific time….

With excitement they started the activity. Few were busy writing and drawing, few needed pencils, sharpeners, erasers… which they passed among themselves… Few tried to take the straw from the mats, few asked whether they can use pins, few said they could use stapler… when those options were not available…. They were thinking…. One came with tying the ends using paper itself….and some were little confused… some said they can’t do it, but then they found a way and were happy to wear their crowns.

Then we did review with Traffic signal.. They all walked in a circle placing their palms on the shoulder of the one in front of them (mimicking a bus).  When the traffic signal came kids expressed their likes, dislikes & interests with different actions….. Then we again used our ears and hands for saying Thankyou… We bid farewell with the assurance that we will meet next Friday also at the same time.