Inspiration - Motivation

Do we really need this concept called motivation? Can we not examine, a little bit more carefully, as to how we all operate, including children.  


One child was working on repairing bulbs, other three got interested and inspired they joined him.

One child was playing keyboard, another adult at the campus got inspired and started learning from him.

One child was washing clothes because he likes clean clothes

One child was reading because he likes the adventure and imagination in the books

One child cooked food for all because he likes cooking (simple!)

One child made water pump because he likes to create

One child is working on making mud circle around the tree because he likes to work with mud

Few kids making adobe bricks because they like the feel of mud and the shape of the brick

One  Child likes to conduct sessions. She conducted a session on plants growing in the kitchen garden.  She researched about nutrition part of her choice of plants, collected leaves, flowers of different plants. Her need of conducting led her to explore about plants that are growing in the kitchen garden.

she conducted a session with all children asking them to identify the plant observing the leaves and flowers.

She led her own journey of learning to observe, read, search, prepare for a session, conduct session.

One child likes to interact with guests so she takes the role of guest and bedding. She started her journey with a little apprehension to speak in English, soon she was appreciated by guest from France for her detailed guidance of campus tour.

One child read about Cyclone because he likes to gather knowledge.

One child read about Space because he likes to talk about various topics and he also likes astronomy.

One child read and read and read because he just likes to read!


Imagine Aarohi, an open learning community, where we don’t believe in motivating kids rather we play the role of agitation!

We see children learning despite the struggle, despite frustration, despite no rewards or punishment. The question then is what is more important - what we want or what children want?