Innovation and Inspiration

People who visit Aarohi from few hours to few days/ months, inspire us deeply. We simply learn from people. Some of the kids who are into automobiles and speed and race and road travel were enthralled when Ashir shared about his jeep which he has modified to travel long distance.  Some of us who are not into any automobiles or travel were simply inspired with his enthusiasm. he traveled from Bangalore specially to share about his jeep. Thank you Ashir.


Ashir had visited our campus with his jeep - he shared what all modifications he had done to the jeep like

  1. The leaf spring suspension to increase ground clearance,
  2. Roll cage was added, that prevents the jeep from getting crushed.
  3. The torque has also been increased for more power
  4. The air filter has been upgraded to snorkel air filter, that helps in sucking in more air while water wading.
  5. There is steel rods in both sides for preventing branches to hit the windshield.
  6. Added 4 sets of light, 1 set on top near the windshield that show whether there is a branch on the way, then another set lights near the bumper called fog lamps, that is used in hills where there is mist and fog. 1 long bar light which is very bright, that light is used to see wide area.
  7. He added winch also, winch is a thing which can pull our vehicle out of someplace.
  8. Added fender guards, of the official jeep wrangler.
  9. Changed the alloy wheels to steel wheels for off-roading,  then added big tyres from maxis.
  10. Added a off-roading jack,that helps you to lift your car in any surface.
  11. Fixed a 20 gallon jerry can.
  12. Inside the jeep also added a map of my India sat-nav that is a accurate navigation device, also work in deep forest.
  13. Big box kept in the back, that is used for keeping tools camera accessories and anything that required lock. 


The part of this blog is written by a child who hated writing, he would sit for hours and his head would spin by thinking about writing. When he wrote this blog, first time his matter got deleted (tablet malfunctioning), he sat again and wrote in an hour again, Whenever he was stuck he asked for clarity. Feeling joy with his efforts and his thoughts about himself.