Images - Same or Different

What will happen if you think about you as 'lazy' and you think that others also think that you are 'lazy' and also you are fine others thinking you as 'lazy'?

Now think that you think you as lazy' and you think that others think that you are 'active' and also you want are others thinking that you are 'active'?

So what happens when all your images are similar (as in scenario one). And what happens when some of your images are different ( as in scenario two)?

When we introduced this tool in planning, children shared when images are not same 'one pretend, not trusting self, lie to self, not at peace, not satisfied, restless'. And when images are same there is peace :). Some expressions

*when my images are equal I feel at peace nothing to worry just keep working on the task. And when my images are not equal I feel like a burden is on me I do not know what to do whose images should I take care of my images or other people's images.

*I feel bad when the unequal are there because other people are not thinking what I want them to do.

*It is about the image of mine what others think and what I think about myself. it is also about how I think.


Self is the theme this term. How do we help the child to understand himself or herself; Is this the key to happiness? Can I get each child to hug herself and say 'I love me'? Can I help the child start the journey of self-awareness and understanding oneself? ME important to understand, But sometimes it is not given its importance. Sometimes, the subject becomes more important, performance becomes more important, the comparison becomes more important or the way something has to be learned or done becomes more important. While all of these might be important, what one thinks, what one feel, was one belief, what one likes - the ME - is still important.  

Exploring ME through the work we do. The week was indulged with various activities but the focus was to understand self - how do I look at me, how I think others look at me, and how I want people to look at me.  The week was buzzing with various activities, but the refection was about “how I look at me, How I think people look at me, and what I want others to look at me”.  The subject matter was not important, but ME was important.