Chloe, a volunteer from France, has been travelling since last 2 years and she likes to see different communities around the world.

She is a practicing gymnast for last 8 years and a really curious and open-minded person. Her favorite skill was cooking and she had been a kitchen hand in Australia, and back in France to study to become a chef,

She shared her skills of making jewels with shells and beads. She mesmerized all of us with her hula hooping, She carries one, it s a LED one, and completely awesome. She likes picking flowers, looking at the cloud, singing. Around kids, she was a kid too.

She became part of the community within a day and participating in all the activities, Her stay was memorable for many of us at Aarohi. Seeing her hulahoop skills, many kids got interested and many could do by themselves. We got introduced this skill, watched a video and took lessons from her. She was an inspiration to many to try hula-hoop and even practice in many different forms.