How things work

Imagination is good, its creative……...we nurture it in many ways at Aarohi, we also nurture structure!!!

Well, we worked on making things using step by step instructions.

The theme was ‘how things works’.


We looked in various resources which gave us simple steps to make things . Some kids wanted to just read and watch video - so we brought them back to doing

Some were reading instruction and not getting the push to collect material  - we searched and collected appropriate material.

Some read the instructions but could not follow - we worked on understanding step by step process.


Consciously we (adults at campus) kept ourselves aside when things were not working. We guided them but did not do for them. When they were not able to find material, we did not search for them, rather guided them to find for themselves. We did not make things easy for them.


A lot more happened during this work….while we got the experience of how things works, we also got the experience how we as individual works. Where all we find it difficult and what all was joyful.


Some had the roadblocks to get up and do, some had roadblocks to stop talking and do, some had road blocks of ‘will I be able to do?” Some have developed the skill of research and was difficult for them to come out of research mode and do something else, some have developed the skills of imagination and was difficult for them to stop imagining and do, some have developed the skills of creativity and it was difficult for them stop being creative and follow step by step instruction.

Along with ‘how things works’ we also discovered ‘how we work’. Discovery of self not necessary means to change self but a pit stop to bring self awareness.