Grow and Glow

What is life education? What is open learning? Is it all about “what I want to learn, how want to learn and when I learn”? Is it so simple! 

Just the life...making a name plate using cross stitch, making bird house, cooking for all in the community, harvesting Ragi, going for film making workshop, attending session on gratitude, playing sports with all ages, reflecting on day, exploring play back thetere, feeling scared of stealing, solving a problem in the community, gazing stars with ametaure astronomers, celebrating festival, making mud bricks, reading books, running for 3 kms, watching elephants crossing through the corridor next to the campus, cleaning kitchen after meals, celebrating b’days, planning b'day party, creating magic with one things daily - doing one sum in a day or, reading one page in a day or making a sketch a day or drum for 5 minutes, getting up early (4:30am) to watch Jupiter rising and chasing other galaxies, receiving guests, conducting music sessions, playing musical instruments, washing own clothes, doing Yoga and just simply swinging ... Isn't life all about living? And while we live we gather various experiences on our way. And as we gather various experiences we grow. And as we grow, we glow!

While we glow and grow we experience various concepts...The magic of ONE is one such concept at Aarohi...its simple, do any ONE thing for a longggggg period and see the magic. Sometimes learning any new things looks tough or daunting, or a new concept may look unapproachable or just the thought of doing any tough things makes us fidgety and nervous or we may say “I don't get time”. 

Well, the magic of one brings the opportunity to connect with what one wants to do and break the barriers of time, tough and boring. When we imagine doing or learning anything in isolation it looks either insignificant (only one sum!) or looks very big (whole science book), but when we start feeling the same thing happening each day for a longer period (one month to one year) then it looks significant. 

  • Imagine you do one sum of multiplication daily for one month
  • Imagine making one sketch a day for three months
  • Imagine reading one page/one story a day for six months
  • Imagine learning one word a day for one year
  • Imagine eating one fruit a day for three years
  • Imagine writing one thank you note a day for three months
  • Imagine dancing a new step a day for eight months
  • Imagine singing one song a day for six weeks
  • Imagine doing 10 pushups a day for three years

Imagine … the list is long.

 Just small things and learning becomes so beautiful!