Gifts !

GIFT  was the theme of the week - We receive and give gift to self and others in various forms like physical, verbal, act, written, environment (things, nature, people happening, events), time and opportunity but this week was the opportunity to pause and reflect on the gifts we give and get

Gift of support

Gift of wish

Gift of a wish from the star

Gift of a hug

Gift of strengths

Gift of the body

Gift of sharing

Gift of receiving

Gift giving

Gift of holding hands or being held

Gift of dreams

Gift of self

And a realisation each one of are a GIFT to ourselves, we receive and give gifts in many forms, it's just that we need to reach out to ourselves to be aware of those gifts!


And we received various gifts which people brought for us - Kai and family form Spain brought the gift of different culture and a session on engines, Sangeeta from Surat brought the gift of stone painting, Aruna from Surat brought the gift of Zumba dance, TN uncle from Bangalore brought the gift of understanding Bhagvad Geetha, Rajesh to offer the gift of electronics,

And experiencing barter system, gift culture, Dariya dil dukaan, singing for others, random act of kindness, Forest fire...all to add various experiences in our living journey.