Freedom to Learn

Basic skills are needed to live our life. Remember most of these competencies once learned or mastered do not need further work (just like you do not need to learn reading or swimming again).

While life itself is deriving what one needs to live life, life does not define HOW you need to learn. One can learn under a tree while another can learn with headphones on, one can learn by self, while another can learn from an expert or another peer. One can learn addition at the age of 14 while another can learn at the age of 3yrs. What does this freeom to learn leads to? Learning is defined by myself - how I learn, where I learn and from whom I learn.

While the life define what basic skills we need to lead our life, here are some of them which we have derived from life.

  1. Self care - Hygiene, belongings - Brush,Bath, wash clothes, sew button, understand body system ear/eyes/digestion/excretion/respiration etc.

  2. Reading & Researching Skills - Find info, read from diff sources, compile and make inferences.

  3. Writing & Documenting Skills - Blogs, articles, slideshows etc on any experience.

  4. Computation skills  - Basic computation to add, subtract, multiply and divide into day to day applications.

  5. Organizing & Planning - Space, Time, Schedules, Planning etc.

  6. Financial Skills - Budgeting, Banking, Money management.

  7. Health and Fitness - Flexibility, Strength and Stamina; Understanding one body.

  8. Emotional skills - Aware, Understand and connect with self and others emotions, able to take responsibility of one's happiness.

  9. Living Skills - Cook basic meals, shop for grocery and other necessities, travel etc.

  10. Get things done Info finding, asking, propose, decision making.

  11. Interaction with People - Police, Govt, Strangers, Relatives, shops, hospitals etc.

  12. Safety and Emergencies - Handle Emergency situations like reach out for medical care, physical, mental, emotional and sexual safety.

  13. Presentation Skills - Verbal and people presentation skills, making a pitch, convincing.

  14. Teachnology / Gadgets - Use technology ot make my day to life productive