Forest Food

We are beginning to learn about food, growing food and plants around us at Aarohi.

Often we care for the plant which we know are useful for us, what we think are not useful (ignorance) we take them out as weed or throw out…..As we grow our own understanding we start looking value in weeds and unknown (forgotten) plants too.  

Madhabi who joined us for a week at Aarohi took us through a small walk on ‘forest food’. Many of the small plants which are growing in the campus are actually are useful in may different ways but we are ignorant of the same.

This whole journey of learning and growing makes us wonder each time we discover something new ‘there is so much to learn’. We can never tell ‘I know all’. The day we will say, we will be dead.

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them - AA.milne

Often an hatred is formed towards weeds, we start thinking them as problems..we forget that they are also plants. They have an right to live.
Maybe they are not beneficial to us but we forget they are playing a role in the nature, its just that we are ignorant to it. 
Its was amazing to discover these plants. how we have lost our knowledge of looking at our backyard for our medicines. How tablets have replaced our nutrition intake. How there is a fear that anything wild. means it could be poisonous...
Its a beautiful journey to rediscover.