Fitness and learning

We all know we need to exercise :)

But we all do not exercise!!!
And so our kids

At Aarohi journey began with regular sports. It took time for kids to come out and play organised sports...we realized that while kids play and play a lot but when it comes to organized sports it brings self doubts ‘it's not for me, i can’t do’.  We continued our efforts, all the facilitators would be in the ground playing cricket and got confidence in themselves. They realized that it's not only about good or bad it's also about just playing. All games played together. We made space for people with different skills in sports. All gender plated all together.  Regular community sports became part of our life. We played every day at campus.

 As we moved ahead in our journey, we introduced regular running in our schedule and now regular fitness program. While some kids who are good with sports, realized that they are not fit!..journey continues.

All we need to do is to do it regularly and experience  in many different ways. Apart from many other ways, we also work constantly with working on regularity of the exercise. Praveen from Fitness cube ( joining us at regular interval keeps us on track and keep reinforcing importance of the same.

It is all about health, fitness, immunity, strength, balance, posture, flexibility, stamina, Relaxation (breathing). Being aware of relevance of doing exercises. My understanding of my body for food, diseases, allergy, weather, environment, clothes, likes and dislikes of food and comfort.

Why we need? Capacity to enjoy life, for vitality. Able to enjoy life with fit and healthy body. Able to participate in various activities. To know my body and my role in my health, fitness and food.  Know about self for allergy, reaction and response to environmental, change in weather, moods. To understand "what it is", "what it implies", "how child exhibits", "how we can develop", "what it is not" and "some misconceptions" read more