First aid

First aid is often left to hospitals and we are left with panic and feeling helpless in case of any emergency. At Aarohi, we consider this as a basic skill, almost as important as knowing basic ability of reading and writing. Each week we spend time in knowing about first aid and various medical emergency. Rubal, a medical practitioner shared with us various first aid processes. We explored various kinds of first aid situations - from burns to choking to road accidents.

Now, we are more equipped to understand medical emergencies. First aid is our right, but sadly most of us don’t know that its our duty also to equip ourselves with this basic skills of giving first aid.  

In another session she shared what happens in case of common diseases and how our body reacts and herbal treatment for different diseases. After the session some kids rushed to get hot water, some went for consultancy to know why do they feel week or why there is cough….the week was filled with home remedies. Kids tried various herbal concoctions like drinking warm mustard oil. Thank you Samiksha and Rubal for adding to our self leaning environment. 

Next day Quiz reinforced our learning and fun. Have a look -

Next week we again presented our understanding of the topic using various mediums, including acting, drawing on the floor and explaining. It was amazing to see entire flow diagram made of road accident on the floor.