Film Making with Ally

She is 14yrs old, she has just finished a filmmaking course, she wanted to share her learnings with us at Aarohi. She prepared a presentation on filmmaking and she took a session with us. She also worked on making a film with some of us. It was great having her at Aarohi. We had a wonderful session with her on filmmaking. As she shared "Filmmaking is just not picking camera and's an art. It requires a lot of detailing, preparation and understanding". She inspired us with her story, her passion. 

She was at Aaroh for one year. She went for a filmmaking course and came back for one week to share her skills with other kids at Aarohi. 

Education is all about interacting and learning from others - how you are making a difference. We at Aarohi are always excited when people of all ages who are willing to share their SKILLS with other children. We believe inspiration from diverse resource people is the most valuable educational treasure chest we can give to each child.