Fetstivity in October

Had a wonderful festival celebration this week.

Festivals are one of the most enjoyable celebration at Aarohi - brings different ideas, beliefs and ideas together. 
One announcement "dance practice on a song" led to few people coming together and practice began. A dance drama was prepared within few hours of practice. 
Together food was cooked, served and we all ate together. And a mytholgy story made our celebration alive. 

In the midst of the celebration we went through an electricity crisis as lightning struck and spoiled our ups - so no internet, no mixie in kitchen, no laptops etc and we took this opportunity to reconfigure our system to fully 24 volts from 48 volts and all this made some busy and ....some kids joined, some absorbed the process of solving a problem, some admired “the hard work”, some enjoyed when the light and internet came back, while some continued with the organizing fetsival celebration. 

Resource reverence brought an opportunity to discover role of resources in our lives. Each one of us brought a resource from our daily life - a tumbler, measuring spoons, water bottle, plying cutter, chalk, spectacles, football, knife ...all came alive and we admired their roles in our lives. We realized that resources are so much our lives only, let's rever them!
Wishing a beautiful festivity to all in the community.