Feedback to review

We re-visited our Schedule of last year.  The need of more sports time in the evening brought some changes in our schedule. After experiencing for three weeks, it was time to get feedback on the new schedule. The feedback began with exploring "What is the purpose of schedule?  and then followed by thoughts on the same. As expressed - clarity, predictability, efficiency, order, clarity, time management were some of the benefits of the schedule. While some needed early breakfast, late dinner, evening tea, more snacks...this brought an opportunity to be aware of why have these timings, and the reasons for not serving tea/milk is not served with snacks or snacks are reduced. Some of these also made us look into our own habits :). The schedule continues to be same till the next feedback - as we deveop - via  more experiencing - more understanding.    


The need to have more self-space in our schedule needed to relook into the structure of music jam. Instead of fixed timings, the music jam this year is spread over the day with one child being the “music jockey”.  The feedback on Music Jockey needed an understanding of what is music jockey and then what all it involves. Next step was to know what all can be done?


Feedback on Jatre brought the clarity on roles one can play. This was also an opportunity to share what all topics one wants to be covered in Jatre.