Feedback to grow

All sessions at Aarohi are designed to add value in learning. The users add value by sharing their feedback. Alternate Fridays session feedback helps in adding value. And also bring clarity for all. Thanks to some of the tools like World cafe, Sociocracy and NVC we create listening in a safe environment. We are growing each day with feedback and reflection. 
The role of the facilitator is not fixed its fluid at Aarohi. It changes its form with the needs of the receivers. The role of the facilitator is defined by the users. Their periodic feedback helps in understating our roles. Feedback sessions also help us to clarify some of the images.
This is our most aspirational endeavor - to create and keep Aarohi as a democratic space. We are also in the process of learning the meaning of democracy. This is more of a challenge to us since most organizations or groups around us like family, companies, even other communities are typically autocratic. We are relishing this challenge and this journey of understanding democracy. We are experimenting with many forms of interactions, communications, interventions, and systems - all targeted to make the community truly interdependent - with co-creation, co-learning, and co-existence as key parameters. We have been constructing an open learning environment at Aarohi. This openness is at the core of what we are all attempting to build in Aarohi. It is imperfect, but thats the beauty of this adventure. We all get to mould and shape it, in an effort to make it useful for everybody.
Imagine where Adults come to learn! Living at Aarohi community has its joys and also its challenges. Facing these challenges involves being ready to look at oneself, being open to being questioned, being prepared to change.