Exploring strengths & key qualities

This session was to explore ones strengths and key qualities. Each kid was shared a sheet with different strengths and they were asked to draw a flower around the strengths that they possess and to draw a circle around any strength that they wish to have…. Then they used those strengths to decorate a picture of a man. They worked in groups to share the materials…Kids were fully into it… drawing, cutting, sticking, waiting, sharing, fighting, managing time and resources too….

Then each group worked on a stick puzzle wherein they create a shape by moving only specified number of sticks. This was interesting to watch as kids were trying… They were also asked to observe the different strengths that they are using as they work on the puzzle… Few team solved the 1st level and moved to the next and they shared the strengths they used also… A kid shared he used his open mindedness to solve, another shared they were trying again and again until they could solve… Then they were asked to share any one person that they admire for a particular strength that they possess. Few shared the names of their friends and said they are helpful, another said Abdul kalam for his simplicity and hard work.