Every action in the community I do, it creates an effect. Knowingly or unknowingly - it's an exchange. Exchange of thoughts, feelings, vibes, experiences, words, acceptance, support and skills.

Learning Mela brought an opportunity to exchange skills. Learning multiplied in learning Mela. 
One child who recently learnt stitching with sewing machine, taught sewing to few more. 
Two children who has just the art of Decopauge, demonstrated the techniques to few more. Few more tried, few more observed. 
A child who learnt about neography from a visitor, shared with many at the leaning marks. 
A child who had been experimenting with candle making shared his process of making candles. 
One taught how to make whistle with ice-cream sticks
One who has just been to the improvisation workshop, shared about the art of improvisation theater.
A visitor shared about circular dance, many joined to experience the joy of singing and dancing together.

While the exchange of skills was happening, unknowingly exchange of strengths was happening ... Someone was struggling with emotions, while someone with inner thoughts, while some with own responses.

Exchange in the community brings a very unconscious learning exposure, something which cannot be measured but only can be felt. Something which cannot be assessed by others, but by self. Something which cannot be shown to others, but stay inside. Learning becomes an internal process and unknowingly we grow and glow!