Each child is capable

“EACH CHILD IS CAPABLE”. Every child has immense capability but we are unable to see I them.
One child who hates maths, he is also labeled 'useless' by all around him, came to Aarohi. He could not relate to what was happening around him. He is not good in maths, but he has flare for beauty and writes beautifully, he is exploring calligraphy.
Another child had need to MAKE what he has been thinking, dreaming. He comes up with many ideas to make, create, combine two things (synthesis). He knows that he can write story but gets stuck in to take it forward, he is working on that.
Another child who was labeled 'special child' and not capable to read, now reads fluently.
One child who can read, write, do basic maths but not able to apply when needed. The child is working on reading to understand, realizing that only how to read is not sufficient, but one needs to be able to comprehend to communicate.
Another child who still gets shivers with maths is exploring photography, He is not only doing photography but also working in 'doing and making and transforming ideas in implementation'. Recently he opened maths books once again, he got goose-bums, closed them and opened another book of maths which he felt comfortable with.
One child is up-to-date with the all skills as per his age (class wise), is realizing that he struggles to relate in group. He try working with groups, take up groups task, reflects on his learning and again go back to the group to work.
And many more examples like this....all kids tells us that its not about not knowing maths of language but it is also about getting space to be able to do other things with equal respect. Kids who hated maths, we are working with them on maths in many different ways, trying to understand where are they stuck – at the knowing level, understanding or applying level. Kids who could not read, they do read in many different ways not always the was we want them to be. Once they get confidence they are open to read and write in the way we want them to read and write smile emoti