Doing Different Ways

Exploring the same task in eight different ways.

One example - Looking at the tree in eight different ways - Count the leaves and understand the logic of the numbers, breathe, find other creatures of nature,  sing a song to the tree and so on...

Another example - Exploring Cricket in eight different ways  - read about people, visualize the drills, practice on the field, talk to people, find speed of the ball or running, understand the nature of equipment, and so on

One  more example - Explore GERMS in eight different ways  - read about it, make posters or flash cards, design a game, understand the role of washing hands, do a drama and so on

“Do it in different ways” was the theme this week. We choose what we wanted to do, we also explored “how many different ways we can do the same thing”. Each one of us did it in different ways. Here are some sharings

What is Mi for me - for me mi is exploring task in different ways, usually when we do something we have a goal and we want to achieve it. The journey from choosing the goal to achieving it with having joy in the task is Multiple intelligence. There are 8 multiple Intelligence. Music, body, visual, people, self, nature, logic and word. These eight categories i can explore my task. Now let's see how did he use each MI. Self- I used self mainly on controling my emotions and handling emotions, usually i get angry or frustrated when something is going wrong with me like while playing sports getting angry, also while talking to my mom i get angry most of time soon i used self intelligence to control my emotions and tried other ways of expressing my needs. Apart from this i also used self working in tepee shower I worked independently. And we explored Mindfulness while having lunch, in that i enjoyed my food in different ways. How it helped me basically by spending time with me expressing my needs in other ways and working on my emotions. Visual - Visual i didn't use much this week but while make my poster i used it. While doing Teepee I was Imagining the creeper which I planted will grow. I also explored  in looking at things with details. How i helped me to compose my thoughts using all the senses "Mindfully." People - I mainly used people for System admin, Campus care, NIOS and from Sessions. In system admin basically i was taking help from people calling them interacting with them discussing about my doubts with them.  Nios sharing my notes with lipsa aunty and taking feedback from her to improve my Hindi grammer. Campus care i worked with my team, making menu was one way i used people intelligence i also got food news.  Interaction in session was one way i used people intelligence, we also had a group discussion on fighting our thoughts about fighting why we do it what advantage and disadvantage does it have. People intelligence helped me to get feedback from them and learn from them. Body - I worked on fitness in fitness i was working on stamina and my endurance while running since i observed i was feeling sleepy in the day time so people suggested me to do fitness rigourous it might help you, i tried it helped me i need to work more on this. Basically body helped me to see where all i am facing challenges in my day. Maths&Logic - While working in Teepee i was looking pattern around it,  planning game i was predicting the amount of the  leaves are there in the tree. Jatre i was wondering how science is related to our life, i experimented in jatre how force increases because of distance.  This intelligence helped me to think openly and to  wonder why things are like that. Music-  i didn't explore  music so much in this week, but yes while working i tried to make poems and write it down in journal. I want to listen to music of different cultures. Nature - We explored Nature in jatre we had a jatre in Coorg culture, which had its bueaty about  its nature we heard about Coorg Coffee plantation its wildlife and how river was formed and how it goes Deforestation @ Coorg so we discussed as a group made notes asked questions. How it helped me by getting to know about the culture of Coorg which attracted me to go and visit it and do birdwatching there. Word-  Reading is one part of word intelligence i was reading about booting how to do, About the different software like Rufus  and all  also the article which you are reading is part of word intelligence first compose thing write it down. Making mind map is one of my favourite task i used word intelligence in that. We had debate also in my voice in that we shared our needs and concern. Food news i read and presented the food news in thought club. How was it helping me, in reading i was able to understand and them able to do the work in food news understanding.what i am eating and how it helps me. Basically u should be getting that you can explore your task eight different ways which is a lot. I will tell about which intelligence i am skilled at I am skilled nature and people other all i think i need to work.


WHAT IS MI FOR ME? FOR ME MI IS SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME MORE CLEAR ABOUT MY TASKS.WITH THE HELP OF MI I KNOW THAT MY TASKS COMES UNDER THIS TOPIC AND I CAN EXPLORE MY TASKS IN THESE DIFFERENT WAYS. MI USED IN MY WEEK AND HOW IT HELPED. NATURE-IN NATURE I DID MENU MANAGER THIS WEEK I DID NOT MAKE ANY MENU BUT NOW I AM MORE CLEAR ABOUT FAT, VITAMINS AND MINERALS, CARBS, PROTEIN E.T.C, I WROTE SOME QUESTIONS AND I HAVE TO FIND ABOUT IT BUT STILL NOT WITH AN ANSWER. THE NEXT TASK WAS  WAS NOT REALLY A TASK BUT I WANTED TO WORK ON IT, IT WAS WHEN I AM EATING MY FOOD OR SITTING ALONE JUST LOOK AT NATURE FELL IT AND JUST LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS AROUND ME. VISUAL-IN VISUAL I DID KNIFE STAND AND I AM DONE WITH MY TARGET NOW I JUST NEED TO PAINT IT AND THEN IT  WILL BE HANGING IN THE WALL OF AMBROSIA ,BUT THIS WEEK I REALLY ENJOYED MAKING IT BECAUSE THERE WERE MANY STRUGGLES IN STICKING THE FRONT PART OF IT, BUT AT LAST IT IS DONE, it helped me in knowing my heights of creativity. WORD-IN WORD I DID READING OF AMAR CHITRA KATHA WHICH WAS JUST FOR WHEN I AM FREE THEN I CAN READ IT BUT IT IS QUITE RELAXING and it helped me improve my reading skills and how can I use my free time in a better way. ON VOCABULARY THIS WEEK I MADE A MIND MAP OF WHAT I WANT TO DO IN MY VOCABULARY SO THAT I AM MORE CLEAR ABOUT MY WORK AND I DID NOT DO THE READING AND WRITING I JUST MADE THE MIND MAP, it helped me make me more clear about my learning on vocabulary. BODY-IN BODY I DID STITCHING I DID NOT WORK IN THIS TASK BECAUSE I HAD  TO WORK ON SOME OTHER TASKS, I HOPE I WILL BE ABLE TO WORK ON THIS TASK THIS COMING WEEK OR THIS WEEKEND. IN SUNSHINE I HAD WORKED ON MY BODY NOW MY BODY IS USED TO OF EXERCISE ,NOW I DON'T GET TIRED WHILE I AM DOING MY EXERCISE AND THAT'S A VERY GOOD NEWS for my body, it helped me in my physical fitness and my beliefs on my body that I can not do it I am tired and all those things. PEOPLE-IN PEOPLE, I WORKED ON THOUGHT CLUB PREPARATION I WANTED TO WORK ON SELF CONFIDENCE AND STAGE FEAR I DON'T HAVE STAGE FEAR BUT I WANT TO GET USED TO OFspeaking in public but NOW I AM DONE WITH THOUGHT CLUB PREPARATION, it helped me on my self-confidence which was my task. LOGIC- in logic I measured the knife stand cutting and all those things .i did not really work on the logic part of my week but I need to do many more measurements in the knife stand, it helped me on my confidence on the scale. Music-I was just listening to different types of music which music jockey was bringing, especially I was interested in different languages of songs and it helped me in knowing different types of music or different choices of peoplle. Self- in self I was working on my sleeping habits now I am used to of getting up at 6 o'clock and sleep at 9 o'clock it helped me in improving my belief on  myself because I used to think when I was in my home  that I can never get up early in the morning but now I know i can do it.


Help  Of Multiple Intelligences To Me. Oh Ya !! I used eight types of multiple intelligences in my last week. So I will tell you all about what is "Multiple Intelligence"? To me, MI is with eight sub intelligence i.e. body, word, music, people, logic, nature, self and visual.These all help me in dividing my work in the intelligence which it belongs to? So now I will tell you about each intelligence in detail and did they help me in the last week. "Body" intelligence is using your body physically and doing different tasks which include movement of your hands, legs etc. So I have used this intelligence in many of my tasks. The tasks are like exercises in the morning in which the movement of the whole body is included, cooking which included movement of my hands to cook and legs to search for the things, Rakhi making which again included movements of hands .Football also came under this intelligence which I played daily . in this, I did penalty shoots, I was a goalkeeper too. It is also a runninggame. So this is also a very important task of body intelligence. So this way "Body" intelligence helped me in my life. "Music" intelligence is making your own music, listening to different types of music and also in different languages. it includes singing too.This intelligence helped me in many ways. When I listen to the slow music it made me feel relax andcalm.In music jockey, i also listened to the music of different languages which was based on the theme "Ocean".I sang songs also which made me feel good. This is the way I used this intelligence. "Visual" intelligence relates to painting, making mind maps, and also photography. I used this intelligence too. I did wall painting for as an art for the campus. this intelligence helped me as I had to see the finishing of the walls, mixing of colors and using of brushes.The mind maps helped me to draw my ideas and things I did in a different way. It is also useful as you only have to write the keywords. "Word" intelligence includes reading books or on laptops, vocabulary , studying English. This intelligence was useful for me as I study English for class 12. It helps me to learn new words, finding their meanings in the dictionary and also the reading of the chapter .Reading of story books also allowed me to use thisintelligence. In jatre, I used this intelligence in listening to the people who are conducting the session. "People" intelligence is related to the team meetings,  Thought Club, or any task in which group of people is included. I used this intelligence a lot. We had a team meeting related to Kaa trip in which we all discussed our thoughts and also shared the things which we researched about "Hampi".I used this intelligence in thought club too as we all get together and share our day what good happened or what bad happened or something you did not like. “Self"-intelligence is something which we do only for yourself and not for sake of any task .I used this task in sleeping as it was only for me and not for somebody else or any task. Dreaming is something which comes under self-intelligence.I write a journal which includes in my day what all I did, how I did. Now also I am using this intelligence as I am doing my documentation in which I am writing about my week. In making portfolio I use this intelligence in that I add pictures and also write about my task so that I myself get to know about my tasks. Nature intelligence is something which is related to trees, plants watering in garden, trekking, watching birds and also tree climbing. I did not use much of this intelligence in my week and yes I have used it. I did watering to the plants and it makes me feel happy. As today we went running to do rock climbing which was again adventurous as we went through the forest and also saw different trees. Logic intelligence is related to the things which require some logic to complete their tasks and also maths requires this intelligence. My logic intelligence also included our visit to the fire station as we got the notes of the things they use as safety, the costumes they wear and much more. Economics also comes under this intelligence as in it I study about the finance, marketing, prices and their demands.


What is multiple Intelligence for me? It is like learning one thing in 8 different ways and experience it. How I used mi? SELF : I was reading and making notes of science lesson, synthetic fibre and plastics. I was enjoying the way I play in the community sports. I think, feel of fruits when l am doing campus care. I feel the way I stretch in doing yoga or exercise . I was feeling the food which i am eating. It help me to know myself. VISUAL: I imagine that designs and colors when I am designing the painting. I imagine in some of the jatere about what they are saying. I see some of the designs and paintings in books for some ideas. I saw and Imagine the way the fire officers do their work. I think of some designs to design for cloths. It helps to observe things. PEOPLE : we play sports with co-operation. Even in campus care we all help each other. I tried to interact with people and i am better than last time now. we all discussed about fighting. I interacted and asked questions to fire police. It helps me to interact. BODY : I do exercise for fitness.i write with my hand. I use my body to play. I do all my works with body. It helped to paint on walls. It helped me to know about my fitness. MATHS AND LOGIC: I used to measure the patterns of my paintings. I used to plan my day with time I used to manage it. It help me to plan my day.. MUSIC : I heard some songs, danced and sang some songs I love to hear songs I tried to hear music and then do my work but I did not done it. It helps me to relax...NATURE : I counted some leaves on the tree. Saw some patterns on the tree. Saw some designs in clouds. It helps me to get that we can do anything with nature...Word : I wrote some notes of science lessons. Made notes of that what that fire police told us. I made noted of jatere and some other things. I read a story book. It help to read and write...I think I am good at self, word, body.....


So,what is MI? Multiple intelligence is 8 different ways of seeing a person intelligent.Many people think that there is only one way of being intelligent-logic and mathematical intelligence.but there are eight different ways which you will get to know in this article. Musical intelligence:so,what I think of this intelligence is that it is mostly used with making rhythms,singing,drumming, playing musical instruments and more. How I used this in the week: I might have used it while learning guitar and making rhythms and asking questions related to music in the fire station.It only helped me with learning a bit of guitar though. Intrapersonal (self) intelligence: what I think is that it could be used for dreaming,observing,self feeling,and more.When I think I used this is when I was relaxing and I was connecting with my feelings. I think it helped with expressing emotions. People intelligence:people intelligence can be used co-operation, people needs,relationships/friendships,group sports/games,group strategies.I used when I co-operated when there were only 4 people to do the tables,sweeping,moping,outside slabs and washing station.It helped for developing co-operating with people to get things done faster. Body intelligence: this is used for all sports/games,drawing/writing/colouring,athletics and all things that use the body.I used it for many things this week,like football,writing,typing,running , sunshine, yoga, and more. It helped me with football this week. Logical intelligence:This can be used for riddles,maths,math problems,strategies and more. I used this when I was doing math problems. It helped me with enhancing my math skills. Word intelligence:this can be used for reading, spellings and more. I used it for reading this week. Nature intelligence: this can be used for observing, gardening, and more. I used it for planting, watering and observing nature. Visual intelligence: it can be used for drawing ,painting,colouring,observing and more. I used it for drawing this week. It helped me draw better.


What is MI ? So for me multiple intelligence is exploring a task in eight different ways and it helps me to understand my work properly it also gives me clarity and i also get to know which intelligence i am using more and which intelligence i  am using less and on which intelligence i need to work on and in  how different ways i can use my task so basically it makes me think multiply and differently .  sometimes  i get irritated because i get confused . when i think multiply my mind starts working faster than before. About eight intelligence - Body intelligence  - So for me body intelligence is a work which needs strength and stamina or it can also be a hands on work and some strength works are playing football , cricket or olympus nets for me because this is the project on which i am working on and i have segregated these tasks as body intelligence and my favourite intelligence is body intelligence because it requires stamina and strength and the most things which i do in my day are based on body intelligence. Music intelligence - So for me music intelligence is like if i am playing guitar  and am still into it or just getting new of it .  and if a person is playing guitar i am learning from him without asking just copying his beet pattern or strumming and then if the music or tune comes so this whole process is called music intelligence . actually i play guitar and drum i know how to play some songs and some chords and some beats in drum . the music intelligence makes me happy or refreshed when i am sad and when i feel bored i use music intelligence. Word intelligence - So for me word intelligence is like reading , doing my NCERT english , typing and writing etc . so word intelligence everyone uses it every time because they have to write research and i use it for my bus work and in reading i read comics like tinkles and amarchitraktha i read these when i am free. Visual intelligence - So for me visual intelligence is seeing movies and videos  and drawing to and etc actually i am not clear about the visual intelligence but   i know it means seeing things or observing things differently and visual intelligence is the most less used intelligence for me and i want to work on this intelligence more. People intelligence - So for me people intelligence is interacting with people i use this intelligence most because i am in bus team and talk to people im message them i email them or i go and meet them practically and i also talk to them on phone and i also talk to resource people when they come in campus. Logic intelligence - So for me logic intelligence is maths and something which requires logic like architecture or science ar my some of the tasks like olympus nets  . this intelligence drains my mind and it makes my mind sharp. Nature intelligence - So for me nature intelligence is working in field doing something with nature like making patch or seeding and trekking it is a work which is in nature .


What is MI?: to me mi is eight intelligence's body, word, music, people, self, nature, logic and visual. Everybody has to be good in one of these intelligences. It is not possible for one not to be. What are the MI?: people means connecting with people and learning from them and teaching.body means well using your body for things like rock climbing fitness and etc.word means playing with words, handwriting, reading and writing in fonts and calligraphy. Music means singing listening to music playing with music creating your own soundtrack and many more things. Self means controlling your emotions and keeping feelings and mindfulness being aware of yourself. Nature means example birdwatching caring for pets and gardening going for nature walks and etc. logic means maybe maths solving problems and all thinking activities. Visual means i think painting sketching photography caricature etc. How i used them this week? Body: handwriting in handwriting this week i just started taking advice from nandini aunty and i have been copying the stories i my book and slowly i will get my practice. How it helped me was by my exercise and the movement makes my hand way way stronger. Football in football i aimed at the goal and tried shooting accurately and i worked on my power of the shot as well. How  it helped was by being able to enjoy the sport and being able to kick and get used to shooting. Logic: flush shower in this i thought about the structure thinking where it will fit and how will it work needed quite some logic. How it helped was by being able to figure my way through the problem. Magic of one i explored angles with shapes like dividing a cake with angles. It helped me by putting my mind and solving really quick. Music: i used music in music jockey i experienced it in quite a few intelligences. How it helped was just a little starting freshen up jig for me. I also used it in sunshine and eating food in sunshine it was a pump up music music for me and while eating food it made me relaxed nicely. Nature: fire station i learnt how the fire operates and how the extinguisher put out the fire. It helped me understand how all this works and i won't panic. I understood were the cauvery river flows and how it started. And also i observed as the snake was struggling for dear life as pepsi was trying to kill it. How all this helped me was by gaining some observation a little more knowledge as well. People: fire station i met the fire brigadiers and i talked to them and understood how the thing over there work and the self discipline and all the equipment. It helped me by understanding their lifestyle and i had the courage to talk to them because i am scared of government  people i know that is really funny. Self: in self i ponder'd in magic of one and i thought lot about it then i controlled my frustration and feelings in sports and as i mentioned i gained the courage to  go and talk with the fire officers and also asking the brick making factory uncle things in broken kannada or tamil i am really not sure. Word: i did handwriting and i worked on merging the words and i also worked on the capital letters and the small letters. It helped me in improving the beauty of my writing i should be proud of one thing you  know. Reading in reading by saturday i will finish my third novel within the week i found out a couple of really really new words which i haven't ever heard in my life. How it helped was my speed i started reading a lot faster then many people but people don't matter i don’t like it anymore because i read to fast i need many books then and it helped me in getting to know new words. And yeah that's all everybody that's my week and how i feel about all the stuff that's happened to me.