Doing and Living and Learning

One fine morning
We got together to cut grass

But why Grass

Because it was too long

And we needed for mulching

Then why we?

Why not “get it done”

Then how do we know how does grass feels?

How do we know gras  feel soft and rough?

How do we know how much pressure to put to take it out?

How do we know that “we can do”?

How do we know the feel of standing in the grass?

How do we know we all have various strengths?

How do we know we “I” is one but “we” is many?

How do we know we do not live in isolation?

How do we know we exist because others exists?

How do we celebrate “we did it”?


Then another morning, we again got together

To dig our ground

Now why?

To make our basketball court, to make our football practice wall, to make skating ring

But why we are doing?


We can see Seenappa doing

We can appreciate from far

But sometimes we also go closer and appreciate ourselves doing

But why?

Aarohi, a place of action

Do - Be - Do is our motto

Poet poet Lauris Edmond (1924-2000) said “life is not about being a spectator but a participator”.

And we do to know we can DO

We do together

We do alone

We do in many ways!