Dogs and US

Death of Bella was shocking for us. We felt that her absence left Pepper left alone. We have limited understanding of animals, we can only guess based on our experience. We took him to CUPA to find another partner for Pepper.  Pepper (our dog) did not showed any need of making friends with anyone there.

The trip gave us deeper understanding about dogs. Came back with many questions in mind - May be its too shot time for him to accept another dog so soon, may be its just we are feeling a need of companion for him, may be he is not alone (cats and we are with him one of the volunteer shared her thoughts),

At CUPA, kids who went with Pepper showed interest in spending more time with other dogs. We went inside and there were 6-8 barking dogs. We were clearly instructed - do not scream, stay calm and maintain silence. We did that! After initial barking and sniffing and peeing on us….all dogs calmed down, They accepted our presence and after some time some were sitting on as, or some of us were sleeping in their laps :). A huge dog who looked ferocious (image of big size with bigger danger) was most docile and loving and cuddly.

Some of us were disappointed for not able to find partner for Pepper, but we came back with compassion for dogs in our life.