Dariya Dil Dukan and Deepawali celebrations

Dariya Dil Dukan as part of Deepawali celebration at Aarohi -  a concept of gifting for love. We began our day with cleaning Orion courtyard all together and in few hours we created wonders - some made mud flooring below the tree while some decorated the courtyard with stone art.

As this was first experience of Dariya Dil Dukan, each one was curious what next, It began with a note " Think of any thing which you like and you have used enough and now you can share with others (in good condition, so others  who are receive your gift can enjoy as much you did). Think of at least one gift that you would love to share. You can bring more gift also. Write a note about that (you can make add beauty to it) - what does that gift means to you, how all you have used, how would you like others to use and so on. The gifts can be any thing which is valuable to you. You may gift clothes, books, and favorite pen, toys, what ever you can possibly think of and afford to share'.

Each one talked about the gift. We picked up the gifts we felt we needed - some of the gift - Puzzle from precious collection, Kurta which was10 yrs old, Belt gifted by brother, Nerf gun dart. Very odd to heart, hand made chain of hard work of hours, Precious pencil box exchanged with a friend to not forget each other, Diary gifted by grandfather, Grief eater doll, soft toy gift from mother, Bracelet from Rishikesh, Doll gifted by mother, Jewellery box gifted by Sister representing two sisters as bird, Bangles from college days, memory of energy, youth, First painting of Pokemon and coin collection from Thailand, wooden beads made with hard work and enjoyment'.
While the gifts were not new nor they were very expensive but the joy was beautiful'.