Dad and Dude - Laptop workshop

Many of our laptops are donated and loosing their health with time and usage. Needs expressed "we need more laptops, all these are not working appropriately". Infact many of the kids have invested in their own devices and prefer to use their own gadgets because the use of laptop is painful for them.

We were itching to bring exploration on laptops, understand the machines we use so frequently, know what goes behind them. So non working laptops became a good news for us to go deeper in our learning.

Mahen from 'Dad & Dude', whose mission is to revive old and non working laptops to reduce e-waste joined us for a day long workshop on knowing about laptops. After sharing about the mission of their organisation he opened laptops and shared about different parts of the laptops, It was mesmerizing to see battery, fan, keyboard, disk drive and  keyboard from inside…. It was nice to know that we can also find out about health of various parts by asking from our vendor about report (PC doctor) rather than just blindly changing parts.  We felt educated.

Mahen joined us to share about his mission “We are keen to providing health, wealth and education to our next generation, But we may be missing to leave a cleaner environment for next generation, Dad & Dude, an organisation keen on working in reducing e-waste by buying unused laptops and refurbishing and reducing e-waste. "Anything we do with laptop it releases carbon dioxide in the environment. release 373 kg of carbon dioxide," Says Mahen from Dad and Dude.  He further shared “act on lying around electronic it, give it, or dispose it appropriately, even lying around gadget is releasing carbon dioxide”.

He shared how do they work on this

  1. Buy thrown away laptops/ desktop and based on condition.

  2. Hygiene of the laptops....remove all the parts, and dust and check again.

  3. Use PC doctor help you to understand the complete health of the laptop.

  4. Refurbish the old laptops

Day flew and we felt closer to devices we uses so closely, Thank you Mahen and team for bringing this beautiful experience for us. We will not forget what we experienced.