Culture and History

History brings kings, queen, war and palaces in one's mind. But ever wondered the history of music, how and when football started, where did clothes came from, what is the culture of our home? Where did they get originated? What caused changes in any culture  or how cultures evolved? This week theme was "culture and history".


Is Geeta religion or psychology? We say "Bhagvat Geeta by 'lord Krishna". What if, we say "A treatise on PsychoTherapy by Dr Srikrishna? Thank you TN Uncle for sharing this insight about Bhagvat Geeta. With many different influences the culture around us is becoming insignificant. Gratitude to you to invocate Bhagvat Geeta in simple words to the young generation of Aarohi.


History and culture came alive with exploring pop culture in teen club. This led to exploring “What pop culture can I create for the community - Creating own music, Playing traditional games, Experimenting with cooking, Friendly fights, Logo making, greeting with namaskar and so on.


Where and how did punctuation started? Punctuation session with Lakshmi led to exploring history of punctuation in various cultures. And of-course being aware that Punctuation!


Weaving, Cooking, Hindi, Physics, Jewellery making, Baking with bakers, Planning for Utsav, Session on Punctuation, running with Kowshik, Football, Drumming, Painting, Dosa making, Identifying plants, Travelling, Practicing Instrumentals, Making toys, Making mud wall, Planning for Friday visit, Motif from different culture, Stitching, Researching on criminal psychology are just few things from long list of our engagements creating the culture at Aarohi.