This session began with greeting right with left hand and left with right hand wishing ‘Have a great day!’ Then kids crossed hands and shook hands with their neighbours forming an interconnected circle and wishing ‘Have a great day!’ Kids enjoyed shaking hands. Few kids didn’t know the meaning of ‘Have a great day’. Few kids helped and they finally deciphered the meaning of the phrase. Kids had the first part of the activity outdoor. Kids were split into two groups and played passing the ball with different rules….   First both teams at the same time. Then the 1st group played and other group was asked to observe. Kids were requested to play these games to observe ones thought, action and emotions while playing and not with an intention of winning or losing. After the activity a kid shared that it was interesting to play the game but it was not interesting to observe others playing… In the classroom, we explored how a task of writing can be done in many different ways like using left hand instead of right, right hand instead of left, legs, mouth, elbow… Kids were even frightening me with saying ears, nose, eyes…..Ohh… I said these are very sensitive parts and think of something that doesn’t harm either you or others…..Kids were given a home work of trying to brush with left hand if using right or right if using left and explore how it feels….  Then Kids were given a few objects like ball, sponge, plate, coconut shell, small basket, hat, comb, hanger, cardboard boxes,….. and each of them shared many different ways of using the object. Kids also worked in groups and acted out few scenarios.. A group acted out a scenario of a group of birds flying in the sky and a hunter striking one of the bird and the different ways the other birds respond to this. It was beautiful to watch especially their different approaches!! Kids reflected on 3 questions. How well I focussed? How well I cooperated with others? How well I kept my body and others safe?

We parted with the hand shake again….