Cooking is Basic skill

Ability to cook basic food is a basic skill. Some of the kids who wanted to acquire this skill, started with cooking chapati in our kitchen. Each one did it in Different timings, Different quality, Different mistakes, Different solutions, Different methods.

Some found dough making tough, some found rolling and while some found roasting tough.

They wondered - Why and when it becomes sticky, Different versions of roti were discussed.

Feedback to each other, from akkas, from experts, how to improve, what to do next.

Various expressions - “Mehnat ka fal roti hoti hai (Had work is Chapati)”, “Now I understand how hard it to make chapati, “I thought this is the simplest thing till do”, “I made best of the Chapati I have ever seen in my life”. “I made worst of chapati I ever seen in my life”.

Clean up was done of own spaces and reason was “I dropped lot of dough not fair for others to clean my mess”.

One of  them commented “Facilitator is happily sitting and cutting salad, actually we don't need facilitator”. Next day kids went by themselves in the kitchen and worked with Akkas to make Paratha - they really didn't need me :). Akkas gained confidence to accept kids learning in their kitchen :)

Picture tells you the rest of the story.