Constraint to Creativity

The week began with questioning "What is in any GAME that we enjoy it?"
And we explored
Why do you like? What gives you excitement? What is that different you like? Why is it fun? Why are they called games? Why it gives relaxation? What is common in all the games? What brings the competition?  Each game/ play has constraints ( you don't get 22 balls in the football). Does that constraint give fun? What does the constraint do? How do the challenges add fun?
A simple formula of creativity "CONSTRAINT" - constraint gives challenge and challenge give fun in any game. But when there are too many constraints, they become the frustration. So that leads to finding a balance - if it is comfortable does that gives fun? If there are too many challenges does that give joy?  So the fun lies in the balance of constraints in any task!
"Constraint" was the basis of planning this week. Constraints are an integral part of creativity. For us, the campus itself brings challenges - what we eat, what we learn, how we learn
Constraint of material ( use different material)
Constraint of time (given time or take more time)
Constraint of people (connect with different people)
Constraint of process (try different methods)
Constraint of mind (think differently)
Constraint of body (use both hands)
The week was busy with constraints chosen by each one of us for different task - Use books instead of video, Read the text instead of listening, Draw before you start making, Use different books, Use silence, Start the first move of chess differently, Imagine positive thoughts - visualize that one is enjoying reading for examination, Ask different person for help, Consciously talk to one different person, Changing feeling from I can't do you I can do and so on. 
Each one chose their own constraints and reflected to know self - I have tried different methods with people...the constraints what all worked is the quickness in my work, learning from others, helping others, visualize before doing, knees constraints and different methods….. Drawing in detailed helped me to see my design...I tried 7 designs for my gliders by myself, none worked all failed….saying thank you helped me…..asking help with other child helped me to make friends…
constraints help in looking at things differently. Often one gets used to one way, one method, one person, one resource, one style...and that can lead to comparing our own capabilities. constraints allow us to look at us differently. 
Imagine Aarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome - that learning will be self-discovery.