We started with raising our collars, ears, eyes, nose, lips, face, hair, shoulders, hands and legs. Kids participated enthusiastically. Then kids were asked, what is confidence?  Few said it is a strength, and some didn’t know, some wanted to know… Then when I asked, what are the things that you think you are sure that you can do? Few said singing, drawing, dancing.....  Then a confidence rating chart was given to kids.. We did several activities, each time we marked our level of confidence before the activity and after the activity… Few were individual activities like drawing number 8 in clockwise direction using a hand and to draw 8 in anticlockwise direction using a leg. Next was to stand and bend down without bending knees to touch the ground, next was balancing in right leg with the left leg folded and placed on the right leg and vice versa., next was to sit in padhmasana and then we relaxed for few moments…. Then they did a group activity. As a team they rated their confidence before and after the activity. Each team was asked to choose a person to blow a balloon and the others help to tie the balloon with the thread. For a specified time they had to throw the balloon up and take care of the balloon in such a way that it doesn’t break or it doesn’t touch the ground. So each team took some time to strategize and they rated their confidence… One team played at a time and the others observed…. Then they shared their views on how their confidence was each time…. Few said certain activities they were very confident but were not able to do… and certain activities that they thought they cannot do, but achieved so that gave confidence… They were happy when they could achieve it.