Comparing with others – does it help or not help?

This session was to explore about how does comparing oneself with others help or not help? Each kid was  shared a piece of paper and was asked to duplicate a face that was drawn on the board. Many started with enthusiasm and were into their drawing. They were told not to write their names on the sheets. After sometime all their sheets were collected.  Then I asked could you identify your sheet or your friend’s sheet or sheet of anybody in the class.  Many said they can identify their sheet but not sure about others.

Then I started distributing the sheets randomly and they went around to find the sheets with their drawing. Everyone got back their sheet. Then we discussed on how they were able to find it out and also when searching for their sheets where they comparing their drawing with others?  Did it help?  Few shared as they have drawn it, they know it. Another shared that everyone has drawn differently and so it was easy to identify… Then kids were asked to think of any one quality of theirs that they wish to change and put it on one side of the paper. Then they were asked to find a solution to how they can bring out that change and put it on the other side of the sheet.

Shared a story of a peacock which always compares with other animals and remains sad without being aware of its beauty and strengths. Kids also shared their thoughts about the story.