Community Satsang - Mythology

Community Satsang hosted by Jayita, Twesha, Lalit, and Kanchan at their home. Mythology was the theme and that brought a thought...what is Mythology?

Characters of Kumbhakaran, Mahabali, Krishna, Water, Fire, Shiva, Ram, Ravana, Saraswati, Soopernekha, Moon, Prophet Mohammed, Prahald, Lakshmi, Sun, Greek goddess, Bahubali, Zeus,  Poseidon, Air..all came alive with each one of relating to one of them.  

We could relate to them for their courage, fluidity, changing form, ego, intellectual, righteous, focusing, not getting affected, enlightenment, strength, and connection. 

The story of Sudama brought a new perspective of looking at things differently. Ramayana from Sita's perspective brought another perspective of different characters. Similarities of Darwin and Vishnu took us to understanding evolution.  Reading of Asura brought another light on Ravana and other mythological characters. A note on Lakshmi in threw light on significance in various religion. And that led to exploring Janisim and Buddhism. A collective story made by the group broke the monotony of the discussion. Various stories and explanations from various culture made the discussions alive.

We ate, we laughed, we shared and we said good bye. The community came together to create a space for meaningful discussions. The day flew like magic. Thank you Jayita, Twesha, Lalit and Kanchan for organizing beautifully, pampering and detailed planning of the event.