Coaching and Learning

At Aarohi, coaching or teaching is not the only way we learn, it is need based rather a requirement to learn. We began working on fitness by our own understanding, we brought many fitness format based on what we read, learnt from different people. After some time we needed some more inputs.

Fitness expert, Praveen, started joining us once in a month to give us specific inputs. Rest of the month we practice on our own, each week one child takes up the responsibility and work on fitness routine. Mornings are devoted to fitness – Tabata for strength, Running for stamina and Yoga for flexibility. Praveen comes once in a month to add value in our exercise routine. Consistency in out fitness routine helped us in looking for perfection. Practice helped us to look for perfection. 

Last week he came to work on postures and bringing perfection in our steps of Tabata.....and also introduced strength training using peers. At each step he gave us feedback, we clarified our doubts and moved ahead in empowering on our own fitness program.

Every time he comes, he does not fail to give some tips, not only on fitness but also on how we look at fitness . He says “don't exercise to change yourself but to maintain yourself. Each day our cells are dying..... exercise helps in maintaining.”.