Any group of people can form CLUBS and follow this informally in their own time and schedule. The journey was different for everyone
 Yashas Says, “I enjoyed playing and practicing football with different people. I was feeling lonely when people were not coming to my club. I was feeling achieved when I was playing and practicing football with different people. I was feeling bored when I was not practicing with focus.  And I was overall mixed with feeling through my journey”.
Advik says, “Club working was interesting because I worked on one interest. My interest was cricket. I could practice and do it continuously and I worked a lot to improve and I also feel we can continue clubbing. It was tiring exciting and I have improved in cricket”.
Dhrupad says, “It was amazing because. I spent time every day just to do my clubbing and of course, I liked my clubbing. I focused on it all the time like I read books about it, I watched videos about it. And I also liked the fact that I was dedicating time for my interest”.
Arsalan Says “Club name- BHUOOOOO. My experience of birdwatching has different stages, Right from excited to do it and frustrated because nothing I was achieving. First two weeks were tough for me, I started going for different walks but didn't gain much. Later I met new people and started to see birdwatching everywhere. And slowly I gained much more and did what I couldn't do before”.
  Few kids worked on one interest in the club and each week they drew their reflection.