Child volunteered to teach dance in Govt School

One child was working  on various activities like painting, crafts, paper Mache, dancing, makeup. She found her passion towards dancing. She practiced dance every day after lunch. At times practiced dance alone and at times with friends. She wanted to teach dance and so volunteered to teach dance to government school children. She prepared dance steps and songs with the constraint, not to choose any fast or rap songs. She prepared herself with all backup plans for songs like taking hard disk, earphone if audio does not work. She was excited to teach. She shared the plan of dancing alone first and then with all children. Initially she was feeling shy to dance alone and forgot all steps. Next round when everyone started to follow steps along with her she was comfortable. As dancing continued, she also remembered back all steps. She was enjoying dance with children and at the same time she was becoming more tired and tired.


Children danced along with her, followed her steps, jumped more, and added their own steps, at times added partner steps and were not stopping to dance even after music stopped.  They wanted to dance more and more number of times. They shared they wanted Telugu and Tamil songs. They thanked and thanked number of times to the child for teaching dance. She felt tired of shaking hands and saying bye to every child at the end of session.