Child sharing her skill with other children

One Aarohi Child initiated to share her skill of making loom bands. She joined to visit Govt school  and  shared her skill with many other children. We had various responses from the children.

At school few children shared  they already knew and few shared they did not know, few shared they can do different things out of it.

We made  groups of five and distributed bands in groups. Few were specific on choosing  colors  for their bands, some chose different colors, some chose same colors. few were looking for demonstration, few children used legs to make, few used fingers to make, few took help of friends , few could not make and so took help of each others.Some made finger ring, few made wrist bands, few made both.  Few bands made were bigger for their hand they missed to measure the size. so they made bands from scratch. Few had difficulty in knotting the bands, few made it , few kept trying and few did with the help of each other. Finally they all wore their colorful bands in hands and were showing to each other and were posing with the bands.

Co-operation: Few took more bands, few took specified number, few wanted many, few seeing others wanted to take more, few understood about the limited stock and shared with each other, few demanded other children to take only specified number, few children helped in counting and returning extra from self as well as from others