Nothing stays same at Aarohi, we keep experimenting to create challenges.
Last week was 'reading' during wait until dark (after dinner). Most kids fell asleep by 9:30 tucked warmly with their books.
This week was journal writing. Few found it difficult to be with self, few stayed with self, few slept early while few stayed awake but lost. Some found good time to connect back with parents.
Most could not have thought of life without gadgets in wait untill dark (after dinner). But now the same are finding peace in board games, books and journals equally.
Few weeks back when the concept of personal snacks was questioned, few felt restless. After few weeks of experiencing different ways almost all forgot the resistance. One wee tried with only home made snacks, one week we served soups and salads, one week we set up Aarohi ki dukan....snacks shop at Aarohi. Last week we served soup in snacks time and crunchy snacks in dinner. Few found it confusing. We were given feedback to try 40 more ways of snacks rather to stay with one way.  
At Aarohi shop we gave them calculations which some of them have never tried - they were given assistance and calculators were also available. Each one got Rs 13 to buy snacks. They had to make their own bill by calculating the cost per unit and based on what they wished to buy.
Imagine Aarohi which does not make learning easy, we like it challenging.