Card Board Creation

I saw few cardboard boxes
I saw few things made up of cardboard boxes (doll house, fridge, sofa etc). 
I thought I can make for kids at the campus.
I decided to not make it!
I collected few and decided to not to make. I kept all the boxes as "resource of the day".
Day one, two kids picked up a large box and spent a day with it. At the end of the day they told me " we are going be lot more busy tomorrow, lot of work to be done" and they carefully kept their six feet long cardboard box next to their bed.

Day two, one more joined and almost all the boxes were used...they spent another day announcing "busy all the day".
In the evening took me through their creations...a house with door was day, one box was yoga mat cum bed cum box, post office with sliding in letter facility was made, singing room work was in progress...and an unlimited imaginative play went all along the day.

There was no decoration, they did not mae it good looking, they did not add any pictures - it was pure functional and full of imaginatove creation!

Not only there was creation...there was people dynamics.
One child wanted to divert to other works, but another was determined to not give that liberty and demanding" commitment" to work and they ended up arguing with each other for few hours. 

Not only there was creation, there was a huge connection with the tools and decision making...scissor or cutter, big or small, tape or fecicol, paper or plastic, this size or that, this side or that, this cut or that, horizontal cut or vertical cut, your corner or my corner...the day was full of  thinking and deciding... Sometimes listening, sometimes not, sometimes agreeing sometimes not, sometimes failing and sometimes achieving.

If I would made and given to the children, I would have lost all these opportunities!