Capoeria Jaatre

Everytime I feel I have learnt a lot, someone shares something new new journey starts.

Megha, cousin of SriLakshi joined to share about Caperio.  Megha encouraging the healthy movement, touring world, visiting 14 countries. It was not only about the art form of Capoeria, but  as well about the history, society and culture of the Brazil. For her it is also about foreign culture, athletics, gymnastic, culture, dance, music, has everything. And allows a lot of freedom to express, change as per the group energy, no rules except keeping yourself safe.

Capoeira,  an art form developed for self defense, is also about dance form, walking on the floor, kicking, punching and dancing with the music. It's done in a community, not individual form.

Thank you Megha for bringing togetherness! She is passionate and she brought her passion to the campus - it was a brief session but left us with wonder and appreciation for passion. She says "I am an adamant learner". It was different, it was connecting. Thank you SriLakshmi for creating this opportunity.

More abot her -