Brakes and Accelerators

Open learning brings an opportunity to be AWARE of self.

As we travel the journey of learning we realize that there are some things which accelerates the process, while some puts brakes in our journey. Weekly theme on brakes and accelerator brought the awareness on what can brakes and accelerator play a role in my learning journey.

Breaks are the approaches/ attitude/practices which does not help in proceeding ahead while accelerators are the one which helps one to move ahead. We all have our own brakes and accelerators - the idea was not to have no brakes and only celebrate the accelerators or change a child to only to have accelerators (life will be too boring with such ideal situations). The idea was to just be aware of self brakes and accelerators and that's all.

Some of the brakes and accelerators we discovered

BRAKES - Overconfidence, auto pilot, not open to take feedback, procrastination, laziness, Demotivated, distraction, emotions, lack of interest, not taking feedback, not doing, not accepting, lack of resources, wrong environment and resistance.

ACCELERATORS  - Open for feedback, willing to think, work with constraints, Failure, Open to take challenges, Emotional balance, Self motivation, Interest, Need, Resources, Technology, Exposure, Passion, Observe others, Learn from others, Open minded, Be in moment, involvement, Rigor, Peaceful, Focus, Self thinking, Self discipline, Review and reflection, Consciousness, Achievements, Success, Courage, Planning and Listening.