Body and Its feelings

How does your body feels during the day while you do different chores? We all go through different body feelings - we are tired, energetic, in pain, stressed (body) and many more feelings our body goes through. This week we explored how differently we feel when we do different chores. We explored different body postures while standing for almost for half an hour - we stretched in different ways keep ourselves stand. At the end of the day we also reflected in each chore how we were feeling  - energetic, tired, in pain or stressed.

The whole exercise was to connect with body and just realized that we do go through various body feelings and changes in body. Does that also affects the kind of work we do? How do we listen to our body when we tired but excited, feelings bored, uninterested,  Kids shared they feel energetic when they do something what they choose. We feel tired while doing something uninteresting (no matter what time of the day it is), body feels stressed when hungry or doing it things one after another….and the importance of stamina, flexibility, exercise food, nutrition came as a bonus topics to talk and experience.