Baking session started with one of us announcing it. As they entered kitchen there was excitement and anxiety. One of them announced so this is baking class? Another one was anxious for the ingredients, one was lost and just started helping others, one came to me with desperation where is flour, where is, how much should...hmmmm after observing for some time I needed to clarify.
I called all and clarified

  • This is not baking class 
  • You have all the resources required inside you to be able to find ingredients and tools needed for baking. Some of the ingredients like butter and Coco powder are limited as we don't get them in local market, so manage with what is available.
  • Noone is here to help anyone...get independent recipe. Make mistakes, bake horrible cakes. 
  • Before you ask me where is this, turn to yourself and ask where have I seen this in kitchen. Come to me to get indirect answers to help you in thinking. (When you ask me where is flour? I will ask you 'where have you seen in kitchen?")
  • Clean up of place for including washing utensils is part of making and baking. It does not stop when the cake comes out of the oven, it completes after the clean up and washing utensils.
  • If you agree to above conditions, go ahead and bake. 

They baked -They didn't come to ask for any gradients, they all found it in kitchen. Some used know recipe, some made their own recipe, some searched in books. They reflected by self - some remarked awesome!, some corrected self (I should have put less baking soda), some expressed (pretty easy). 

Imagine aarohi that is not a restaurant, rather a kitchenWe have no dish to offer. We do not serve our children any learning on a platter. We aren't cooking to satisfy the children. We're like a kitchen: Raw material and tools (resources) of all kinds are available. Children are challenged to cook for themselves, to create own learning, to explore, experiment for own reasons, to satisfy own hunger.