With Backyard Factory

Lincy with her team from backyard factory joied at campus to share their love of gardening, https://www.facebook.com/greenbackyardfactory?fref=ts

It began with understanding about pest (that’s where we shift to chemicals sprays) and we liked the idea of 3G spray. Some of the kids are into gardening and growing - they liked the idea of 3G spray. (Ginger, Garlic and Green Chilly). We spent good time in understanding composting  - we liked the idea of Vermi composting…

The real thing began when we started collecting anything available to convert into a container and make our vertical garden. It was nice experience to convert old socks and waste Bamboo to use for growing our food.  We collected worms from the ground and dig in many places in the campus, we also found some clay mud and started making our clay toys. Each worm we found, we celebrated with joy.  

hmmmmm making Jeevanamrutham with cow dung and cow urine was an experience in itself.  From searching for a container and adding jaggery into the mixture to put alarm for every six hours was an experience….soon we are going to give more nutrients to our land and stepping into growing and knowing our food.

Thank you Lincy and team for your participation, we felt at ease with you and enjoyed every moment with you.