Explored Mindfulness on Awareness. We began with understanding three zones of awareness

  1. Awareness of the outside world....includes what you hear, see, feel, also includes where is your attention on (others around you) ?
  2. Awareness of the inside world...what you feel Inside, how is your stomach responding, where do you feel tightness when you are stuck and so on.
  3. Awareness of the activity... imagining, planning, remembering, anticipating the future, being with the work. Throughout the day be aware where is your awareness?
Day one we began with ' now I am aware of….Analyzed which zone you are least aware of?  Direct your attention to whichever area you are least aware of and become aware of this. Next day we worked on ‘I am choosing to be aware of…’. And after that we worked on ‘I am avoiding..’.

The whole exercise made us aware that

  • We are often not aware, being aware helped us
  • Many times we are not conscious of what we are aware of, choosing helped us
  • And many times we also become slave of one kind of awareness, avoiding helped us