Art Appreciation

We started with exploring the difference between museum and gallery: Is Gallery small, few collections? Is Museum vast, different collections, artifacts?

The Museum had a theme of gods of different religions for this month. We began with pondering over what is mythology? - Past, Mystic, Fantasy, Myths, Stories, may be History? stories of special powers/boons and curses? may be a truth ? Few more questions to ponder - Is mythology fiction? Is mythology history? What makes a story different than mythical?

A few simple explanations of few paintings allowed us to understand the artist's point of view, styles of painting, about the colors, Rulers of different places also had made an impact on the style of art or brand so on. Comparing few paintings, observing them closely, talking about details gave us a deeper understanding of the various arts.

Getting deeper into attributes of different gods, goddesses of different religions and their portrayal brought us closer to detailing of sculptures and paintings.

Words floating after the workshop - Detailing, making a painting together, colors, the same story told in different ways and different styles, perspective of art widen,

We pondered where all we can use art in our learning - in making weapons, in making models, do planning, draw to express, art in baking by drawing cake before baking, drawing too many art, in perceiving characteristics and situations, story, go deeply while painting, make a sketch of my imagination, painting science of sound, make a painting of unknown in chemistry, paintings with new arts, relate culture and religion through art, understand history through art, explore thoughts through paintings.

We shared what is art for us - expression, New designs, Making designs, Different styles, Way to express without writing, Variety of Interest, Pictorial representation, Expression better than words, About colors, Express self, Expression with color and designs, Creativity, Express what I see, Non judgemental, Way to tell, Can be passed down to generation.

The workshop brought art closer to us - some who are into art they got inspired and broadened their horizon and some of us who are not into art (painting) looked at art beyond painting and drawing.

Thanking you once again for the workshop and the wonderful experience.