Algebra ki Dukan

Algebra ki Dukan
What is Algebra?
Algebra is life.
In life, some things are known, and some things are unknown. 
For everything in life, we know something and something we don't know. 

Algebra similarly is all about known and unknown. 
Algebra is the language of what we know and what we don't know. When you put down known and unknown together, in the form of an expression or equation it's called Algebra. 

Example - I know I want candy.  Maybe I do not know the cost of one candy. My pocket money (budget) is fixed. So now based on the cost - I will decide how much I can buy. When I write all these things together its Algebra.

In Aarohi ki Dukan we experienced yummy Algebra. Introduced Algebra through buying snacks for the day.

Known - Cost of each item and budget. 
Unknown - How many each item.

Now it was all about playing with known and unknown. We played with numbers, made our bills and ate our snacks.