Design thinking jaatre

A dream wallet.......

The session was focused on the process of designing a ideal wallet but the twist was that we were not designing for our self rather we were designing an ideal wallet for our partner.

Step one is to empathize with the partner and understand their requirement of a wallet. What all do you use the wallet for, what all features you need in a wallet, what are the things you keep in a wallet. Do you have more cash, coins or cards. What are you colour preferences, Do you keep it in your purse or in your pocket and so on.

Food and Mathematical Thinking

Team Build - Dreaming or Designing!

The project “Team build” was born with the need of another residential building at Aarohi.

Just one announcement

Few interested

Few thinking

Few indifferent

Some joined

Some stayed

Some left

Some hanged around

First, what all are the options? Dreaming, Researching, Imagining, Ideating

Then, Meeting Samyukta and Stanzin from Earth Build to give muddy shape to our dreams

Possibilities this summer - w3

Each day is a gift full of possibilities, let's live it!

We took an object and used it in different ways than the usual usage and explored possibilities. We could come with many many ideas of using that object in different ways. And that's where we began our journey of "possibilities" this week.


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Dreaming this summer - 2019

We all have dreams, - Dream for self, like I want to be successful, want to be an artist, to look smarter, etc. We dream for family, like all in my family to be happy. Dream for country like gender equality, no poverty, more money, my country to be like Singapore. Dream for the world, like peace, compassion, more trees and so on

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Teen club - romantic relationships

What is a romantic relationship ?

Our image of love, romantic relationships and dating is heavily loaded by external influences. Media, movies, songs, advertisements, society, parents and friends all play a role in shaping our understanding of relationships.

This teen club we tried to look at how all are we looking at relationships. Below is a overview of the conversations that took place in teen club.

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Young Electrician

Well, he is 8yrs old young electrician of Aarohi.
He says "I love electrical work",
He likes to fix switches,
He likes to connect bulbs,
He is enthusiastic to put casing and caping,
At this stage he doe snot want to much read about current, volts or any other things related to electricity,
But to do he is ready to learn how wires connect, what are the colours of the wires, learn different skills like  carpentry or making drawings.
He only wants to do!
He works with his 50 yrs old mentor

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Summer week 1 - Choices

Choices are "what I want to do". 
Non choices are "what I have not explored yet". Every time I make a choice, I leave some choices...I chose to do carpentry, I am leaving out cooking or reading a book. And that's what we experienced in first week of summer.

"I am able, I can choose and leave out what I don't want do". The invitation was to be aware of what one is choosing and what one is leaving ( non choice). 

Colurs of the Music

Just some colors

And Some music - slow, fast, instruments, old, new, different culture...just music.

Let the music lead your hands

No brushes to paint

Use body to paint

Not paint to make  a painting

Paint for joy and music!

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Paper and Toys and He!

He naturally connects with paper folding

He get those precise folds
He can do it without any distraction or external push
He does it just like that.


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