Safe Decisions

Children are often caught in the Decision Making conflict or sometimes take an impulsive decision (only to regret later).

Examples could be - Should I join someone who is gossiping about others or not? Join in teasing or not, join in the inappropriate conversation (sexual talks which are not age appropriate and not in sync with family values), or should I have a physical fight with someone while traveling? or should I do something (which is tempting but possibly not okay), etc?


Each day entire community spends working to maintain the campus in different teams.  While the reason is to maintain but it brings a lot more understanding about the process and brings involvement. Often kids are considered "small". Imagine a community of all ages where all contribute irrespective of age or gender. All participate irrespective of their skills. Each one gets involved.

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Jatre - Bihar

Jatre Session on Bihar by Sangita started with a song and dance. It was about Bihar and her experience of caste. In Bihar most people do farming, they grow wheat, pulses, rice and oil seeds. They are grown in large quantities. She shared about Musahar tribe, their lives. Their life is slow and sustainable naturally. Musahar caste is known for catching rats from the grain fields and then eating in them.

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Preprations - Outdoor trips

Travel brings an opportunity to experience many facets of a place. In a historical place, one can go beyond history. One cannot ignore geography (its location), it's people (culture), its food, its music, its nature, it's art, it's economics, it's trends and a whole lot of different things.

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Partner Yoga

Rubrics to Assess

Prepration to the trips

Celebrating Compassion

Compassion has many forms. One does not need to define, may be sometimes it just needed to be felt. Rakhi was an occasion to celebrate Compassion. Our gift factory produced compassion bands for all the in the community. And we celebrated and that's all!
It began with making for all by some of us in the community. We did not make for anyone specific but we made for all, and that's where the compassion began. We did not choose whom to tie, rather we just picked a slip, rad about the person and embraced each one to tie a compassion band.
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Mindful Lunch

Issues - Food waste, Not trying different food, now knowing what all is served, overeating and so on.
Solution by Kitchen team 'mindful lunch' - feel, see, touch, hear and smell your food.

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Outdoor to Fire Station

Visit to the fire station fired many questions in our souls

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