Experiencing Aarohi - Exploring Strengths - Summer

Experiencing Aarohi is about living and learning together. It begins with ‘what you want to do and how you want to do”. The week began with DREAMING, making a cat house or making a science toy all became part of dreaming. Dreams do come true. Knowing each other with a small introduction is the beginning. Dreams bring all of us together, soon all ages found their own space.

Strength was the theme of the week - while we reflected on our day on our strengths we used, we saw strengths all around at campus in various forms. Some examples

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Politics and Democracy

When do you become a citizen of the India? 
When can you vote?
Why do we not know our rights?
Is politics government?
Why are some govt spaces like hospitals and schools stinking?
How do our lives get affected if we do not know the politics?

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Play Conference

Aarohi kids are invited to facilitate an experiential session on using playful environments for learning at Christ college.

As part of the preparations for the conference, the work of individuals and organizations from across the world on the play, with a special focus on India, is being compiled. This will be showcased at the conference.

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Experiencing Aarohi - Knowing Self - Summer

Aarohi is not about learning about a topic or gaining knowledge or learning and mastering the skills. The life at Aarohi revolves around ‘discovering self’. The first discovery is of self and that begins with “I need to think for myself".
Summer camp at Aarohi began with asking “DREAM”. One of the child shared spontaneously “I never dream, I have no dreams, I don't know what I want to do?” Soon all started drawing their dreams. The day went in understanding about the campus, adjusting to the place.
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Workbench is a maker space - a dream place for anybody who is into making stuff and who would need tools, guidance and a contagious environment.

Making Teepee shower

It began with a need to have another bathing space. It continued with the dream of exploring the different material and different method to create. One of the visiting guests had introduced to us the concept of TeePee shower. One of the children liked the idea and all other things fell in place.

Story of Dome Making

Bamboo Cutting

Baboo Treatment 







Manthan - Festival of Joy

Manthan - Churning 






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Gift Factory


Flame of the Forest Or Palsah flowers....bringing scented yellow-orange orange to our Holi joy.

Happy Holi !

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