Needs and Feelings

Bad News - Bad feelings for each other over some of the behaviors - “He took my stuff without asking me. He pushed me. He was teasing me. He was namecalling me. He was interfering with my work. He did not listen to me…”

Good news - Opportunity to understand “needs and wants”. And explore the alternate communication or communication of passion and expression.


telling a lie

Telling a lie

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Passion to Profession


Open any page
Highlight some words
Rewrite them
And a poem is ready.
And top it with some poetry reading,
Just the perfect recipe for an afternoon magic of one!

Maths Games - Fraction

Played the game of Rummy with Fraction.

Initial reactions were "let's play the same game as we played last time". Last week we played the Rummy with addition. But we when discovered that 1/2 is same 2/4 or 4/8, the game of RUmmy became interesting. We played and played. 

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Under a tree

Lie down under a tree - Observe 50 new things. Look for lines, patterns, life, designs, feelings, thoughts and beyond....and write what you feel like about the tree. A poem, a letter, a note or a story. 

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Jatre - Bus Donation

Art of asking in Jatre on Bus donation. 
We have a bus for our library, we need money for the bus. So what do we ask for? We explored the power of persuasion.
Add Pathos (emotions).
Add Logos (logic)
Add Ethos (credibility)

AKD - Estimation

AKD special - Estimation.
We use Estimation on daily basis - how much to cook? How much to buy? How to plan our day? How much profit? Why my idea will sell? Where to invest? - we estimate based on our experience or data available or analysis. 
Estimation is a skill we introduced in Jatre for AKD.

So it began with "how much to stock"?
If I am eating six biscuits in a day, how many packets of biscuits do I need to keep in stock?
How do you estimate? - By looking at it? By doing some calculations? Guess how many in one packet?

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Meaningful Conversation

Meaningful conversation in Our Jaatre - The purpose to experience 
Conversation which adds value to me, to others
Conversation which helps in knowing my friends more and deeper
Conversation which connects me with others


"Camping" was the word where it all began. Two of them started dreaming and just talking about it. With every conversation, their dream became bigger. 
Finally, they started planning - invited more people to join, wrote notices with details.
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