Singing our own song!

One child asked me, "how is my painting?"

I replied, "you know how it is?"

He asked, " why did you say that?"

I replied, " you know that also".

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Topic of Monday thought club comes from our life at Aarohi - Teasing. We expanded it to "Bullying". First, it was about exploring what is bullying, we came up with our experiences of   - gossip, name-calling,  physical abuse, playing a prank, putting down, isolation, rumors etc.

When we did the audit of Bullying on "either I bully or I get bullied", the individual score was 45 to 55. But the group's cumulative score was '750'!  

Feedback to review

We re-visited our Schedule of last year.  The need of more sports time in the evening brought some changes in our schedule. After experiencing for three weeks, it was time to get feedback on the new schedule. The feedback began with exploring "What is the purpose of schedule?  and then followed by thoughts on the same. As expressed - clarity, predictability, efficiency, order, clarity, time management were some of the benefits of the schedule.

Self Discovery

He has come to Aarohi for one month with only one agenda ‘to be independent’. He wondered for days ‘what is responsibility and freedom?”. And obviously he did not get any direct answers from us, all he got was multiple of experiences. He himself defined his own definition when he was allowed to do some task, but not allowed to do some :).

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Jatre - Spiti

Sharing own travel story - Lakshmi and Avani sharing about their trip to Spiti Valley. 

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Jatre - Mandala

Meditative...Exploring Mandala Art with Supriya

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Jatre - Creative Writing

Jatre of Creative Writing with Supriya began with a question - What is creativity?  The responses were - Thinking, discovering, doing differently, ideas, listening to mind, being with it, adding value, relating, imagining...We began to write a story, not with pen and paper but visualizing...a hero, a situation, a problem, a value and a solution. Our life is like a story...we are the hero, we face problems, we find value, we use our own strength to move on in our life.

Jatre - Fixing Electrical Box

After Jatre on understanding electricity, it looked easy to install plugs in our laptop stations. Pulling wires led to pulling dow all the existing casing and caping :(. 

Learnin Jatre - Travel and Safety

Travel is part of living at the campus. We travel in local trains. We travel in the group. This requires each one of equipped with understanding about travel, travel in a group, the place we are going, what to expect, what are the constraints and what is the responsibility for safe travel.
Traveling in groups does not necessary means a menace for co-passenger, our codes say ‘take care of co-passengers, talk in low voice’. What to do when a stranger asking for personal information or what to do when one wants to go for toilet or hungry.

Learnin Jatre - Electrical

We have fewer plug points and more electrical items to use. This needs more plug points, so the session on understanding electricity, what’s inside the plug was natural to happen. 

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