Adults joining Questionnnaire

Before anyone makes a decision to join Aarohi community it would be nice if we all understand each other's thoughts and plans better. So here are some questions to help you get clarity and help us understand you.


  1. Why do you want to join Aarohi Community? - Reasons / Purposes could be multiple so please elaborate on each of them - for your child, for the concept, for yourself, etc.

  2. What specifically you will do? This question has three parts:

    1. What all will you do for yourself

    2. What all will you for the children and learning

    3. What all will you do for the campus

As a total of above what all will be your activities in a day, week, month, year etc. Write whatever comes to your mind, since nobody will hold you against your list. This is more to get you thinking and then to know your thinking.

  1. What all challenges you see in doing the above (#2). (Mention specifically if your own child is going to be staying here with you - as that adds to the dynamics of your involvement.

  2. How will your financial needs get fulfilled. You realise we may not be able to remunerate you immediately and even later this will depend on our source of funds and our scale of activities. Also realise that you will have to bear your own stay cost.


​Would like you to document your thoughts and share with us and then we can discuss and then you can finalise.